My Turn: A better voting solution


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Published: 02-26-2024 6:21 PM

As an unenrolled voter, separated from Democrats and Republicans as non-liberal or conservative or anything, I am not here to disagree or agree, but remain neutral. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Everyone has the freedom of choice to vote for whomever.

I didn’t particularly care for either the current administration or the previous one in the White House. We need to bring back real politicians, just like the ones who got the job done back in older generations — baby boomer and Gen X times. Not these modern politicians who have no clue how to run a country and do their jobs. It went downhill during the last administrations in the White House from the years 1994 to the present.

I am not looking forward to the 2024 election. I am sick and tired of both sides of the political aisle of the two-party system.

I wish Jesse Ventura — former governor of Minnesota, and also a Navy Seal combat veteran of the Vietnam War, a member of law enforcement, a jack of all trades, an advocate, an author, an actor, a former wrestler, an activist, and an unenrolled politician — would run for president. I think he would get the job done better than Democrats and Republicans.

He is right about Congress, including the two-party system. It’s been falling apart for many years, and will meet its demise.

Did you know our Founding Fathers didn’t want any political parties in the first place? They knew the results that would happen if political parties were in place. Our first president, General George Washington, was the first unenrolled politician. People just ran for office without being associated with a political party. We need to go back to those days, and have people just run as candidates and let them debate, and let the best person win.

We need to take care of our country, and not send any more jobs overseas — we need to bring them back. Fix the national debt, fix our roads and infrastructure while creating jobs — the list goes on. Stop being the police of the world. Take care of retirees and the aging, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, veterans, etc.

We need to bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Public Works Administration, the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Agricultural Act, the Farm Security Administration, the Civil Works Administration, the Federal-Aid Highway Act, etc. We need to take care of our schools, our police and fire departments, and our hospitals, offer better health care, and do much more, including cleaning up crime and the worldwide drug problem, and pass federal law to label it domestic terrorism. Be hard on crime.

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