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My Turn: Hamas strategy of sacrificing civilians crime against humanity
05-20-2024 5:17 PM


As Israel’s rockets crash into Gaza, smashing the country to rubble and crushing the population, scenes of stupefying devastation overwhelm us. We grieve the loss of innocent lives, in both Israel and Gaza. And yet, as horrifying as it is to...

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My Turn: ‘Carrots’ alone won’t change climate arc
05-20-2024 5:17 PM


There has been some discussion of carrots and sticks in our nation’s climate policy. Why? What’s at stake here and why does it matter?The metaphor apparently goes back more than a century to a cartoon that portrayed a race between two donkey riders —...

Danielle Miller: On Riley Gaines
05-20-2024 5:13 PM

Activist and swimmer Riley Gaines fights for women’s rights. She doesn’t believe trans women should be competing against biological women in women’s sports. Not surprisingly, Ms. Gaines has been assaulted and been labeled a “hate purveyor.” Now she is...

Laura Schlaikjer: Greenfield Garden Club alive and well
05-20-2024 5:13 PM

It was a pleasure to read Mickey Rathbun’s recent piece on plant sales and getting out to view gardens in person in the Recorder’s May 14 Home & Garden section. I’d like to add that the Greenfield Garden Club is hosting their 28th Garden Tour on June...

My Turn: Power play an existential threat to the region
05-19-2024 1:53 PM


In the forests and dales of western Massachusetts, an existential threat to the natural resources of the region has quietly built itself up in the guise of statewide clean energy policy. First large-scale solar, and now battery energy storage...

My Turn: Unraveling the mystery — Warmer sea, cool land
05-19-2024 1:52 PM


 Why did sea surface temperatures go up when summer air temperatures did not? This perplexing question arose after last summer’s unusual findings.Ocean surface water temperatures off Boston, Portsmouth and Portland were nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit...

My Turn: My personal Middle East peace plan
05-19-2024 1:52 PM


 Seeing that the Israelis and the Palestinians are stuck with each other, it’s time for my comprehensive peace plan. None of the following is particularly original or realistic, but it sure beats the endless cycle of fratricidal violence between these...

Jasper Lapienski: On the justification for war
05-19-2024 1:49 PM

If a small child hits a bigger child, most of us would understand if the big kid hits back. After all, the other one started it. If, on the other hand, the bigger child chooses to turn the other cheek rather than retaliate — well, we would honor this...

As I See It: Of dogs and men
05-17-2024 2:24 PM


It is universally agreed that we as humans are better off than dogs in America, in intelligence, dignity, health, etc. Two crucial facts contradict this notion. So, let’s get to these facts:FACT ONE: New York’s rich hotel heiress Leona Hemsley,...

Connecting the Dots: ‘They can say they don’t care, but they can’t say they didn’t know’
05-17-2024 2:22 PM


“Sometimes it is almost impossible not to feel hopeless and broken,” says climate scientist Ruth Cerezo-Mota. “After all the flooding, fires, and droughts of the last three years worldwide, all related to climate change, and after the fury of...

Karen Traub: What it means when you lose a public library
05-17-2024 2:19 PM

With no library, the town of Orange will lose state aid, reciprocity with other towns, access to grants, and property value. Defunding the library will not make up for the budget shortfall and will harm the town for years to come. When you lose a...

My Turn: Too often, what we got sold not what we got
05-16-2024 8:47 PM


Liberals are liberals until the bill is due or the policy they advocated for negatively affects them. Conservatives are conservative until they benefit from government or need the help of government.Maybe we should try to stop identifying and labeling...

Bill Knittle: Rowe Elementary is looking for people with a cool job
05-16-2024 8:44 PM

Rowe Elementary is hosting “That’s A Cool Job!” Day on Wednesday, June 5. It’s a day for anyone to share with the Rowe students what your job is, why you love it, and what makes it interesting. Learning about the wide array of jobs and careers right...

My Turn: Unwelcome gift in mailbox — A flag that won’t be flying
05-16-2024 8:39 PM


 On a recent morning, there was a LGBTQ+ flag in my mailbox, encased in plastic and accompanied by a lengthy note which was a computer printout. I was told that I was “gifted” with this flag, and was welcomed to display it outside my home. The note...

Genevieve Harris-Fraser: Ground Zero for Palestinians
05-16-2024 8:38 PM

Ground Zero for PalestiniansThe Israeli slaughterhouse, GazaHeavy with 2,000 lbs bombs bucklesBends from the onslaught of hypocrisyBombast pledging concern for civiliansAs they shred the UN’s decreesOutlining humanitarian law, bulldozersScoop up...

Michael DeChiara: Don't ‘Quabbin-ize’ us on clean energy
05-16-2024 8:38 PM

The Quabbin Reservoir is a powerful reminder of towns being steamrolled by state government to get its way. Almost 100 years after construction began, the same dynamic is at play again, this time motivated by a narrow interpretation on how to expedite...

My Turn: One way to save right whales
05-15-2024 5:17 PM


The North Atlantic right whale is one of the rarest whale species in the world. Will we drive them to extinction or save them?Those of us lucky enough to have taken a whale-watching trip in the Gulf of Maine may have glimpsed the majesty of humpback...

Celia Lang: Senior Center proudly promotes all elder programs
05-15-2024 5:15 PM

A big thank you to the Senior Center Board of Oversight for opting not to renew the center’s lease at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.Yes, it is a legal issue. And, LGBTQIA+ seniors who attend the Rainbow Elders Zoom programming, the monthly...

Dan Manka: A sign of character
05-15-2024 5:15 PM

As a speech teacher, I told my students about a boss who was hiring new employees. He deliberately left a book on the floor not far from the door and his desk. He waited to see who would stop to pick up the book. Then he planned to hire that...

Pushback: Solomon to split marijuana baby
05-15-2024 10:41 AM


A public drama was performed on April 11 in Greenfield City Hall. The script ran for 90 minutes without intermission.Act I: A marijuana cultivator,15 Arch Street, LLC, asks for a “change of use” to add marijuana product manufacturing to their special...

My Turn: Towns could abolish elections and embrace real democracy: Sortition
05-14-2024 5:02 PM


It ought to be universally understood that our American perversion of democracy completely ignores the needs of most people and caters with slavish and subservient enthusiasm to the demands of corporate lobbyists. We are on a treadmill of meaningless...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 674 total.

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