Maeve M. Sherry: Push back on the CDC’s Covid-19 isolation policy



Published: 02-26-2024 6:18 PM

The Feb. 21 article titled “Will CDC end Covid isolation?” details the proposed changes to the current Covid-19 isolation policy and the arguments for and against it. As a person with Long Covid, I appreciate the coverage of this dangerous policy change. This will make public spaces inaccessible and dangerous for disabled, immunocompromised, and elderly people, plus children under the age of 5 who are ineligible for vaccination.

I oppose the argument that vaccinations and previous infections make us safer from new infections. Research tells us that vaccination efficacy wanes within months, and crossover immunity between different covid variants is unreliable . We also know that risk for developing Long Covid increases with each infection. Repeated infections do not make us safer; they make us all more vulnerable. We must push back on this dangerous policy that puts high-risk members of society and children at risk. The CDC has a public comment period before this goes into effect in April. We must unite in a vision for a healthier future for the country and reject this policy change.

Maeve M. Sherry

Clifton Park, New York

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