Crystal Smith: Disappointed with the town of Heath



Published: 05-14-2024 5:01 PM

I am writing to express my disappointment with the town of Heath regarding the recent election of a new Selectboard member. We had a chance to bring in a native, Mike Smith, who not only has broad, extensive experience in town politics, but also the experience from being our former highway superintendent, police officer and our former fire chief and would have brought fresh eyes to a Selectboard that has been run by the same few town residents over the last several years.

We had a chance to bring the community back together like it used to be but now the division in town will continue. Our new selectman will continue running the town as it has been run because the current selectboard purposely and methodically worked on electing someone that would follow along with their agenda and not challenge them. This means continued raising of our taxes, no allowed voice from the taxpayers, our highway department being micromanaged and just the same few people controlling our town as if they own it. Again, I am so disappointed because I know the town of Heath can do better!

Crystal Smith


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