Clayton Sibley II: New fire station location is a mistake

Apparatus bays at the new Greenfield Fire Station at 41 Main St.

Apparatus bays at the new Greenfield Fire Station at 41 Main St. STAFF FILE PHOTO/PAUL FRANZ

Published: 06-10-2024 6:21 PM

So this past week I was driving down Main Street toward the center of Greenfield. Traffic had stopped, as it dose frequently on Main Street. My vehicle just happened to be in front of the new fire station driveway. A few seconds after traffic stopped a fire truck was trying to leave the station on a call. Traffic on Main Street was at a standstill, and there was nowhere to move out of the way. The driver of the fire truck decided to lay on his insane horn three feet from my vehicle. I still can not hear right. Those fire truck horns are damaging to the human ear.

The decision to put the Fire Station at a known location were traffic slow downs and traffic jams occur frequently was a bad decision. Whoever was driving that truck, those horns can damage the human ear that close! I would love to take an air horn and jam it in your ear and see how you feel! Another foolish decision by our local government. And a word of caution to the Fire Department, what is going to happen when another fireman decides to blast some one with a massive horn three feet from their head? Is the town going to get sued?

Clayton Sibley II


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